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House Cleans

Life has much more to offer and to be enjoyed than to be spent on back breaking cleaning work.
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Office Cleans

We are happy to do the hard work for you by keeping your office clean day in day out.
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Holiday Cleans

We have a team of experienced housekeepers who will keep your holiday home in tip top condition.
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Crime & Trauma Cleaning

SOS Cleaning Services’ team of highly skilled professional technicians respond to emergencies fast. Our rapid response team are health and safety compliant, and are here to provide unobtrusive but comprehensive cleaning and disinfection in distressing situations.

We realise that if you need to call us in, something awful has happened and our compassionate, respectful team will get the job done professionally and as quickly as possible.

Scenes we Clean

There’s nothing good about crime scenes and emergency trauma sites. They are often places where something undesirable, unthinkable and unpleasant has happened. But no matter how horrendous the scene, we’ll get the job done to restore it to normal. Our services include:

  • Crime and death clean up
  • Accident clean up
  • Blood clean up
  • Hoarder or unsanitary house clean up
  • Industrial accident clean up
  • Decontamination and sanitising
  • Sewage overflow clean up
  • Biohazard and toxic waste removal
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Clearance of needles and drug apparatus

Why Choose SOS?

  • Australian owned and operated
  • Technicians are fully trained in crime and trauma cleaning techniques
  • Staff are respectful and empathetic
  • Everything supplied – we bring all our own protective equipment, waste bags and cleaning supplies
  • We’re great communicators – we’ll let you know what to expect and we’ll keep you informed on progress
  • We are Amdecon Certified

Forensic Cleaning Services

Whether it’s deliberate or accidental, tragic events that result in assault and death almost always leave behind some combination of blood, body fluids, faeces or human decomposition that need to be cleaned. Added to this, any chemicals or other agents used by investigators such as luminol, finger print powders, chalk and marking paint need to be removed so the scene can be returned – as much as possible – to normal.

Crime and trauma scenes often contain invisible threats such as the presence of harmful chemicals and blood borne pathogens, so it’s important that the clean up is performed by highly trained professionals who understand.

Our biohazard technicians are highly trained in the removal of contaminants, and the disinfection and cleaning of scenes where crime or trauma has occurred, or where disgusting filth and refuse is present.

When we’re called to clean up a scene, we bring all the equipment necessary to restore the area to as good a condition as possible. Our technicians are extremely safety focused and always wear protective clothing, masks and gloves throughout the disinfection process.

We transform dangerous and distressing scenes into clean and safe spaces and our commitment to our clients is that we’ll respect your property and treat the scene with care and empathy.


SOS Support Services maintains the highest standards in cleaning, sanitation, and safety compliance

Choose a Professional

Companies and technicians that display the Australian Bio-recovery association logo have been fully trained in Bio-hazard remediation and are dedicated to the safe and discrete clean up after traumatic and bio hazardous events

Amdecon Certified

Certified by an OSHA-Authorised Trainer and Certified Safety and Health Trainer which is valid world wide by international government agencies.

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