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House Cleans

Life has much more to offer and to be enjoyed than to be spent on back breaking cleaning work.
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Office Cleans

We are happy to do the hard work for you by keeping your office clean day in day out.
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Holiday Cleans

We have a team of experienced housekeepers who will keep your holiday home in tip top condition.
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SOS Support Services Wants You!

  • Are you an extraordinary in-home services professional looking for a new direction?
  • For true professionals who want to make a difference

SOS Cleaning Services is focused on making our clients live’s easier.

We always maintain the highest level of professional standards as we believe quality is the key to providing the level of service our customers REALLY want from their in-home services team.

This means not just delivering the right service first time but always looking for ways to do that little bit more than the ‘ordinary’ and find new ways to really make our client’s lives easier.

We’re known for our diligent attention to detail combined with our flexible time scheduling, solid experience and competitive pricing.

SOS have a great reputation so we’re almost always fully booked, which is why we’re looking for some extra special professionals to join our team, so we can take on even more clients currently on the waiting list!

We’re a full service team of professionals delivering personalised high quality in-home services to our clients in both commercial and residential premesis.

Hiring a cleaner is so yesterday – Our clients need personal in-home professionals

You don’t want to be ‘just a cleaner’ you want to make a real difference. You know that you’re amazing at what you do. You LOVE knowing that you’re delivering a high value service to your clients and that they’d never go anywhere else.

If this is you – then we want to hear from you.

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Are you sick and tired of struggling to find decent clients?

If you’re running your own cleaning business because you deliver a high quality standard and didn’t want to join an ‘ordinary’ cleaning service and get clients who didn’t appreciate your work, but you’re also sick and tired of trying to find new clients, we DEFINITELY want to hear from you.

We have more great quality clients than we can service. We just need a few new professionals to come in and start working their magic.

Our clients are loyal, they appreciate us, they treat us with respect and they send us other great clients because they love our work.

We’re a team of professionals, changing the reputation of in-home services and in-home services professionals.

If you’re one of the extraordinary professionals out there looking for the right team to join. Get in touch with us! Let’s talk.

I am so very happy with Amy. She was fast and I felt that the spring cleaning jobs were done far better than I ever expected. She was friendly and professional. I am so happy to have a new fresh clean house for my family. And so pleased that the service I received was excellent from the very first phone call to the end. Thank you.

Jess Box, Client

Professionals need to stick together!
Good point. I want to know more.

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    Do I need to have prior experience?

    Ideally yes, we’re looking for professionals who can ‘hit the ground running’ and who are sure that this is the role for them. If you feel you’ve got the makings of a true in-home services professional we’d still love to hear from you though, so get in touch.

    Do I need an ABN?

    You don’t need an ABN, we are happy to consider both ABN and PAYE (hourly paid casual employees) options. What’s most important to us is that you’re a true professional and will fit in with the SOS team and deliver the highest standard of service.

    Is there a set roster?

    Depending on your availability and the type of clients you are assigned there is most certainly a schedule that we follow but we will work with you to find the best match between your availability and our clients needs.

    We do absolutely expect that you are always in touch, on time and well presented. This is the minimum we expect from anyone who’s a true professional.

    When do you need me to start?

    Get in touch and we’ll arrange to have a chat if we feel that you’re a suitable match and take things from there. There’s the application process including an initial interview to get through first, and then a two-day paid trial, if all go’s well and we want to keep working together – we’ll take it from there. We do need people to start ASAP.

    How do I apply?

    Please fill out your details above the form and make sure to put your best contact number in the message too – and we’ll be right back in touch with next steps.

    Are there any deal breakers?

    Yes! SOS prides itself on it’s reputation – our team are all true professionals and we all believe in good old fashioned values like honesty, integrity, respect, hard work and commitment.

    If you have a criminal record, do not have a drivers license, have any issues related to drug or alcohol abuse or do not have at least two credible professional references then we will be unable to consider you for one of our positions.